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Our Mission

We know, it’s a lot of what can be improved in our industry.
Our mission is to help technicians reach the top of their productivity and free more time for real work.

Honest and Transparency

We’re strongly believe and make our solutions to provide more honest relationships between users in IT. Our solutions provide more “real” data about working process and make it more transparent to all of the folks in the project.

Work Smarter

We all want to know, how to make more in one dedicated period of time, and move forward faster than anybody. We’re making product which helps our guys provide better solutions in lesser time periods. And share it with you.


We're working to make working process more predictable for everybody in the project providing solutions to measure your taking estimations or technical debt analysis.



Guys create awesome things for our industry. They change work-processes of many companies to the better side.


They're define the future of technologies and development.


The whole new way to create quality software.