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Produce PostScript Type 1 fonts from Metafont source

mf2pt1 facilitates producing PostScript Type 1 fonts from a Metafont source file. It is not, as the name may imply, an automatic converter of arbitrary Metafont fonts to Type 1 format. mf2pt1 imposes a number of restrictions on the Metafont input. If these restrictions are met, mf2pt1 will produce valid Type 1 output with more accurate control points than can be reverse-engineered by TeXtrace, mftrace, and other programs which convert bitmaps to outline fonts.

See also metatype1.

The author is Scott Pakin. The package is Copyright © 2007,2011,2012,2014 Scott Pakin.

License: lppl Version: 2.5a Catalogued: 2015-08-03