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Basic resource management for LuaTeX code

The LaTeX kernel (LaTeX2e 2015/10/01 onward) builds in support for LuaTeX functionality, also available as ltluatex.tex for users of plain TeX and those with older LaTeX kernel implementations. This support is based on ideas taken from the original luatexbase package, but there are interface differences.

This ‘stub’ package provides a compatibility layer to allow existing packages to upgrade smoothly to the new support structure.

The authors are Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard, Philipp Gesang, Élie Roux, David Carlisle and Joseph Wright. The package is Copyright © 2009-2013 Élie Roux, © 2010-2011 Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard, © 2015 David Carlisle and Joseph Wright.

License: lppl1.3 Version: 1.3, dated: 2015-10-04 Catalogued: 2015-10-04